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Shopdibz is one of a kind social commerce platform that brings together an online marketplace, custom independent stores for new brands, and social media, accompanied by a wide range of tools and features aimed at assisting brands in growing, competing, and flourishing.

Shopdibz Private Limited, incorporated on the 22nd of May 2021 (started operations in December 2023), is one of a kind social commerce startup platform with an aim to bring new brands/stores and customers closer than ever before by seamlessly integrating social media features to e-commerce.

Shopdibz Seller Hub is a SaaS platform (offering Freemium and Premium Subscriptions) integrated with the Shopdibz marketplace. It provides a plethora of tools for brands/stores to open and manage their own customized store with no-code and no experience required. The tools, combined with Artificial Intelligence, enable brands/stores to focus on competing and growing, building brand value, and formulating strategies for improved customer communication, thus enhancing brand loyalty and recognition.

As a marketplace platform, Shopdibz provides consumers with features to purchase, engage, and experience the power of social commerce with their favorite brands and fellow shoppers. The platform offers integrated chat, social feeds, and a plethora of other handy features, including concepts like Audio commerce & Mixed Reality in ecommerce.

Shopdibz: Empowering Brands, Connecting Customers.
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Our Team

Our exceptional founding team comprises upcoming leaders, blending innovative prowess with strategic acumen, ensuring Shopdibz's success through a fusion of tech expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and a deep understanding of social commerce dynamics.

Jerry Paul, Shopdibz Co-Founder / CEO

Jerry Paul

Co-Founder & CEO

Verkha Rani, CMO, Shopdibz

Verkha Rani

Co-Founder & CMO

Paul W Sam, Shopdibz

Paul W Sam


Shopdibz Private Limited

We are Located in
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Trivandrum, the vibrant capital of Kerala, beckons with a blend of historic charm and modern allure. Nestled along the Arabian Sea, it's a cultural mosaic boasting lush landscapes, ancient temples, and a tech-savvy atmosphere.

Shopdibz Headquarters

Trivandrum, Kerala